Physical Attributes

  • Brawn – Like D&D Strength
  • Grace – Like D&D Dexterity and more generally physical finesse
  • Looks – Physical appearance. Does not have to be beauty, can have high scores for being imposing or impressive. Do you strike fear into your enemies through force of physical presence in some way. Add some dice.

Mental Abilities

  • Brains – Like D&D Intelligence. Ability to study in a structured way, apply logic, academics.
  • Wit – Street smarts, quick thinking, improvisational problem solving.
  • Charm – Social attractiveness and ability to win over people. Charisma.

Ability pools have a cap of 6 dice. 6 dice is epic level and should be rare. Only a very experienced character should be able to attain this and should be a paragon of the ability.

For example: Hercules should have 6d Brawn. Spiderman would be a 6d Grace character. James Bond would definitely approach 6d Charm.

Point buy system

Spend points for Abilities. Every Ability starts at 1 pip.

Increasing from pip 1 to 2 costs 1 point
Increasing from pip 2 to 3 costs an additional 2 points [total 3]
Increasing from pip 3 to 4 costs an additional 4 points [total 7]
Increasing from pip 4 to 5 costs an additional 8 points [total 15]
Increasing from pip 5 to 6 costs an additional 16 points [total 31]

Pip 6 is unattainable at character generation.

Any remainder points are carried over to your point buy for skills.


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